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reviews clive neil “As a therapist, I have worked with individuals and families for more than twenty-five years, never was there such clear and concise information given with confidence to create a sense of confidence to both counselor and counselee. If we carefully follow these principles, we will have a better chance of experiencing the resurrection that Carter chronicled on his journey. This book is about hurt, hope, faith, and freedom grounded in the understanding that there is strength in the human spirit. Everyone should read this book.”

Dr. Clive E. Neil, Psycho-Therapist

Brooklyn, New York
reviews Hakeem “Carter courageously opens up a window into his life, and takes us on a literary journey from the pain of rejection to the power of resurrection.  In doing so, this book informs, inspires and instills hope in the ability to confront and overcome adversity.  His story makes clear that a perceived knock-down is very different than a knock-out.”

The Honorable Hakeem Jeffries, Congressman
reviews Samuel “Carter, in his book, proves that when an individual takes the times to evaluate themselves, they can grow into depths that they did not know were hidden inside of their reality.  During his three years on staff at Brentwood, I observed him journey through his pains and challenges, and to see that he has transformed it into encouragement for others is nothing shorter than superb. I encourage anyone who ever felt rejected, isolated, abandoned or discontent with your life, read this book and you will experience freedom if you apply the principles.”

Dr. Joe Samuel Ratliff, Senior Pastor

Brentwood Baptist Church
Houston, Texas
reviews Floyd “Steven Carter has written this book with a candor and passion that empowers all who have experienced any level of rejection or abandonment.  He reminds us that we are what we think, and he makes a profound case for “renewing the mind” through a relationship with Christ so that feelings of low self-esteem and insecurity do not control the believer.  Read it and be renewed.”

Drs. Floyd & Elaine Flake, Senior Pastors

Greater Allen Cathedral AME Church
Jamaica Queens, New York
reviews Maurice “In his book, Resurrection from Rejection, Steven Carter is transparent and transformative, as he guides those who are stuck in the pit of unhealthy responses to rejection to the mountain top of personal acceptance. Read what Pastor Carter has to say, and allow God to set you free.”

Dr. Maurice Watson, Senior Pastor

Beulahland Bible Church
Macon, Georgia
reviews Otis-Moss “It is a rarity for a book to speak to the head and the heart. It is certainly uncommon for a book to speak to the head, heart and touch the soul. Steven Carter’s first publication masterfully weaves all three areas of learning. Steven resembles a skilled athlete standing in a triple threat position on the court of life giving thoughtful insight, heart breaking stories and healing illustrations with a soulful touch. All who are concerned about the future of the family and institutions such as the church will do well to read this book and implement the strategies offered. No other publication in recent memory speaks to the hidden demons of rejection, anger and pain with the raw sensitivity of this book. Read it and be transformed!”

Reverend Otis Moss, III, Senior Pastor

Trinity United Church of Christ
Chicago, Illinois
reviews lisa don "This book is truly an eye opener for all of us who naturally deal with some form of rejection. We initially purchased this book to support our friend but once we started reading it, we were able to see answers to questions we have asked in my our own lives. Although we are not adopted, rejection is still a reality for everyone and Steven talks about 7 areas. We are certain everyone can relate to one or more of these areas. We also like the fact that after every chapter, he provides a survey to help the reader become more specific about their challenge. We encourage everyone to read this and begin healing in areas of your life so you can live to the fullest!"

Mr. Don & Mrs. Lisa Cheatham

Atlanta, Georgia
reviews ralph “The readers will find themselves on an emotional roller coaster.  Sometimes they will laugh at the stories Steven tells.  Other times the reader will cry as he holds up a mirror and you catch the reflection of rejection from your own story within his story.  And still other times you might sense the brimstone burning within you as you reflect with the author as he conjures up some unresolved rejection you, too, have rendezvoused.  But most of all you will rejoice as he takes you by the hand and escorts you to his own happy resolve.  One thing is true…it has taken all of these events, experiences and episodes to shape the life and philosophy of Steven Carter.”

Dr. Ralph Douglas (Pas) West, Sr.

The Church Without Walls
Houston, Texas
Aronica Boyle Holmes “This is a book that will truly be an eye opener.  It will help you, as it helped me, realize that rejection has many dimensions.  You will discover that the areas or dimension of rejection that Carter talks about will relate to you in one way or another.  If you truly read and apply these principles to your life, you will begin to move towards the healing that you have long desired.”

Dr. Aronica Boyle-Holmes

William Clair Turner “Carter has taken us inside a cell of uncertainty and isolation many have no capacity to comprehend.  On the one hand, he has exposed certainties many take for granted as great blessings.  On the other hand, he has afforded a degree of understanding for what it is like to live without those certainties.  He comes to the task with the insights of a believer and pastor.   For that, he can speak bilingually in the voice of one who knows both anxiety and triumph.  Steven has given voice to some who cannot speak for themselves, and he has done this noble deed with eloquence and grace minus bitterness. Stories of triumph are needed in every generation to make it known that no matter what hand one is dealt in life there are real possibilities for overcoming.  This book has the promise of performing great service to the church and society by making us more keenly aware of the weight in choices and actions.  With this work, Pastor Carter has supplied a “Must Read” for those expecting and attempting to render relevant ministry and compassionate service.”

Dr. William Clair Turner, Jr., Professor
Duke University; Durham, North Carolina
Aaron Larry Parker “Profusely personal, emotionally daring, substantially practical, this written revelation of a scared, but now healed soul will provide redemption for any deeply hurt persons who dare to delve into its bold and honest pages.”

Dr. Aaron Larry Parker, Associate Professor

Morehouse College; Atlanta, Georgia
Jeffrey Johnson “Steven Carter graciously brings us into his own intriguing journey to wholeness. With tremendous transparency and the highest level of honesty, he helps us to face the rejection, fight the self-destruction and frees us to move on to God's preordained destination. This awesome book provides practical godly principles to rise above our painful  past to reach the place God has prepared for us. Achieving this by refocusing from who has rejected us to our loving Lord and all the others who God has strategically placed in our lives to assist in our ascension. You will be tremendously blessed by this insightful and powerful book.”

Reverend Jeffrey Johnson, Senior Pastor

Eastern Star Baptist Church
Indianapolis, Indiana
Jesse T Williams “Steven Carter has chronicled and catalogued his own personal faith journey with such profundity and passion in this book that anyone who reads it will be rescued, redeemed and revived by the power of God in ways that they may have never imagined.  This work effectively attacks the satanic strongholds of rejection and its’ resultant self-destructive behavior’ which are both unfortunately much too prevalent in the church and in the culture.  This book will be a blessing to your life.”

Dr. Jesse T. Williams, Jr., Senior Pastor

Convent Avenue Baptist Church
Harlem, New York
Reverend Anthony L Trufant “For well over 15 years, I have watched God mature Steven E. Carter as a preacher and pastor. The greater privilege, however, has been to witness him mature as a man, who is yet driven and shaped by the power of the Holy Spirit. Greater still is the gift God has permitted me to sample through reading “Resurrection from Resurrection”. Carter, who preaches the gospel with passion and joy, has written a book which evidences--to borrow the words of the mystic Dr. Howard Thurman--"pain has a ministry".  With admirable courage, Rev. Carter offers his story, with the lessons he has learned, as a Christ-centered message of hope and model of healing."

Reverend Anthony L. Trufant, Senior Pastor

Emmanuel Baptist Church
Brooklyn, New York
Jeffrey Maddrey “Resurrection from Rejection is an incredible story that will uplift the minds and souls of its readers.  He shows uniquely reveals his deepest personal pains to detail important lessons to all who ventures into this journey.  As a leader in New York City, I am proud to be his friend and grateful for everything he has taught me in how to be a better person.”

Jeffrey Maddrey, Deputy Chief

New York City Police Department
Dawn Michelle Hardy “Resurrection from Rejection is an encouraging book that will light a fire under the seat of anyone sitting in self pity or regret after having been terminated, cheated on, excluded from or simply told you didn't make the cut.  In 2004 I was fired from my job unexpectedly. Today I have a successful publishing career as an award-winning book publicist and literary agent. Like my client Steven mentions in his book, I turned termination into elevation and now I am the boss! Healing from termination was a power move and I encourage anyone who has gotten a pink slink of late to invest in this book and feast on the message that will embolden you to make great moves forward.”

Dawn Michelle Hardy

President Dream Relations,
PR & Literary Consulting Agency
Shanacee-Reveves “Resurrection from rejection is an excellent read. The compelling story of Steven Carter and his trails and triumphs  is truly inspiring.  Anyone who has ever faced rejection in any facet this book is for you.”

Shanacee Shreve, Broadcast Journalist

Detroit, Michigan